If you are planning to enjoy a self drive in Uganda, expect to meet many challenges just like any new destination in Africa that you will go for your safari holiday. Driving on the same road together with other minibus and taxi drivers is such tough moment in life especially when for the first time travelers as well as repeat visitors. Though it is challenging, at end of the day you have to make sure that you get out the jam in down town. To be on safer side below are some of the basics that you need to take note of while driving in Uganda.

1. Do not offer a lift to strangers

It is nice helping people along the way but for safety reasons the ideal won’t work as such with strangers. Not everyone on the road has to be helped otherwise you will fall into the hands of criminal minded person and you will have no way of helping yourself other than fighting for yourself alone if you can. Keep yourself safe while on self drive in Uganda and do not carry people anyhow.

2. Take out comprehensive car insurance

Whereas a self drive safari in Uganda is exciting and enjoyable, consider taking the car which is comprehensively insured and ensure that it is fit for the trip. Uncertainties at times can not be avoided and so is safety to have a comprehensively insured car.

3. Do not indicate

Your next move should be like a mystery. Do not allow the drivers behind you know what new trick you are about to apply. Simply take them by surprise. However, when overtaken by another car, do not compete otherwise you are bound to cause accidents on the way. Try as much as possible to slow down and let him or her go.

4. Always put on seat belt

Safety is very paramount when it comes to any kind of a safari. Do not leave without wearing the seat belt. Anything can happen along the way and a seat belt can give some safety compared to someone who is not on belts.

5. Take note of the speed limits

Driving in Uganda’s roads is remarkable and secure if and only if you keep the speed limits on the roads as by the road signs. Slower vehicles maintain the left of the road and always keep an eye to pedestrians. The maximum speed should be 80 kilometers per hour on the highway and 50 kilometers while on centers. There are many traffic officers around and there are always monitoring on speeding cars.

6. Keep valuable items hidden while driving

Make sure that all valuable items are kept away to avoid attracting the attention of criminal minded persons to either follow you up. Keep them safe and enjoy your ride.

7. Make sure that you have a spare tyre

Anything can happen along the way and spare tyre could the only option left for you. For long safaris, get at leas two of them to help you on self drive trip to Uganda’s remotest parks.

8. Do not drink and drive

This is one of the serious aspects while on road. Never try to take alcohol and then drive. Otherwise you are risking life.  Take a safari when your mind is okay, this will save you from costs of damage and loss.

9. Make sure that the fuel tank is filled

No one desires remaining in the middle of the jam or forest because of fuel shortage. Make sure that you do not leave the fuel stations in major towns without refueling otherwise you won’t find a fuel station in the national park till you drive back to the main centre.

10. Do not drive in front of a trailer or even any big vehicle in most cases they may lose control and brakes won’t help in anyway.

In conclusion, the above rules and regulations are intended to assist you while on self drive safari in Uganda. Following them will save so many live while on the road. Book your safari with us and you won’t regret in life.


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