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Looking forward for a great exploration of different remaining primate species on Earth including the mostly wanted Chimpanzee Primate Species, Uganda “The Pearl of Africa” which is located in the Eastern part of the African Continent is your number one destination to go while in the African continent.

Uganda is not only known for inhabiting variety of shy endangered ground dwelling species of Gorillas but also recorded with different species of Primates including the Species of the Old World Monkey family “Golden monkeys”, Chimpanzee primate species, and other forest monkeys like Vervet, Patas monkey, Mangabey, Bush babies, Red Colobus monkeys, Red tailed monkeys, Black and White Colobus monkeys, Blue monkeys, Mangabey, Baboons, L’Hoest monkeys and more.

Chimpanzee Tracking is also on the list of Uganda’s top exciting attractions which invite in huge percentage of tourists from different countries of the World per year and listed below are the major exciting places to go for Chimpanzee primate species while in Uganda.

Kibale Forest National Park

Kibale Forest is one of the most visited places while on a Uganda Safari Trip. This is one of the top ten Uganda’s sites which are known for providing habitat to wide range of different Species recorded in its Biodiversity although this great National Park is popularly known for Primate Species.

Kibale Forest National Park is geographically located in the Western part of Uganda and the nearest town to this Park is Fort portal town, this Park includes the thick and popularly known evergreen Kibale rainforest which provide habitat to different Wildlife species.

Other eco systems in the Park include shrubs, Savannah, grasslands, some parts covered with bamboo forests and Swampy areas like Bigodi Wetland.

Kibale National Park is sharing borders with Queen Elizabeth National Park in its southern part forming a continuous forest corridor between these two Parks, its believed that Chimpanzee primates found in Queen’s Kyambura gorge migrated from the suburbs of Kibale Forest National Park in search of what to eat.

Visitors to Kibale Forest National Park access it by road and when travelling from Kampala, Kampala-Mityana-Mubende- Fort portal highway is the best recommended route of reaching this Park. Additionally it’s also easy to access this Park when switching from Queen Elizabeth National Park or Lake Mburo National Park or Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Reaching Kibale National Park, the major activities done include Chimpanzee tracking and habituation experience, plus Bigodi Walk and all tourism activities in Kibale Forest National Park start from Kanyanchu Wildlife Centre.


Queen Elizabeth National Park

This is another exciting Park to go for Wildlife while in Uganda for your dream Safari vacation. Queen Elizabeth National Park at first was called Kazinga Channel National Park but later it was renamed to Queen Elizabeth National Park to commemorate a visit by Queen of England “Queen Elizabeth II”.


Queen Elizabeth National Park is geographically located in the South Western part of Uganda along Uganda’s border with Democratic Republic of Congo stretching from the Virunga Mountains in the South up to the Rwenzori Mountains in the North.

Part of Queen Elizabeth National Park is located in the Kigezi region not very far from the popularly known Bwindi Impenetrable National Park; it also includes the two lakes known as Lake George and Lake Edward which are connected by the Kazinga channel. The exciting boat cruise in Queen Elizabeth National Park is usually done along this Kazinga Channel which exposes you to different aquatic species including hippopotamus, crocodiles, water bird species and some wild animals which access the shores in need of some of water.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is not only known for its exciting boat cruise but also famously known for the tree climbing lions which are found in the Southern Ishasha sector usually sighted resting up in the branches of big fig trees.

Besides Tree climbing Lions, Queen also provided habitat to wide range of other Wildlife species including Wild animal like Elephants, Buffaloes, Leopards, Kobs, Spotted hyenas, Forest hogs, impala, Hartebeests, Bush bucks and more, Primates like Chimpanzees which are found in Kyambura gorge, Blue monkeys, Black and White Colobus monkeys, Red tailed monkeys, Bush babies, Mangabey, Baboons and more, Reptiles, different insect species and bird species.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is recorded among the best bird watching sites in Uganda recorded with over 600 bird species including the endemic and non-endemic species.


Murchison Falls National Park.

Popularly known for its stunning Wildlife which include Wild animals, Primates, Reptiles, insect species and bird species is Murchison Falls National Park in the North Western part of Uganda.

chimpanzeeMurchison Falls National Park is ranked to be the largest among the Uganda’s top ten National Park to go, located in the North western Uganda stretches from the shores of Lake Albert up to Karuma falls not excluding the popularly known Budongo forest reserve which provides habitat to wide range of different Wildlife species including Wild animals, Primates, Reptiles, insects and bird species.

This exciting Park is characterized with different ecosystems including tropical rain forests, shrubs, Savannah, grasslands and Woodlands plus swampy areas which are characterized along the shores of the falls.

Besides being known for its great falls, this Park also has wide range of different Wildlife species offered on a visit including Wild animals like Elephants, Buffaloes, Leopards, Giraffes, Buffaloes and more, Primates, Reptiles, different insect species and different bird species.

Visitors to Murchison Falls National Park usually go by road transport or air transport means, traveling by road, Kampala-Masindi- Gulu highway is the best route of reaching this Park and by air transport usually private charters are arranged from Entebbe airport or Kajjansi airstrip up to Pakuba airstrip in Murchison.

Looking forward for Chimpanzee tracking in Murchison Falls National Park it’s usually done in Budongo forest at a cost of $90 USD per person.


Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

This is a protected on the waters of Lake Victoria, its located on an island which is part of Koome group of islands. Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary was established to provide home to the rescued un-cared and orphaned Chimpanzee Primates.

Currently over forty nine Chimpanzee primates are inhabited in this area being protected in the characterized available tropical rain forests and cages made out of wire mesh, Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary is characterized with different ecosystems which include rain forests, Savannah, grasslands and shrubs plus swampy areas characterized along the shores.

Visitors to this Sanctuary usually access it by use of boat and reaching there the major activities done include chimpanzee feeding, care giving and Volunteering.


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