Traveling around Uganda is a true adventure. There are several ways to get around and the option you choose will depend upon your time and your budget. Travelling by road is the most accessible and cheapest way to travel. Public transport connects all major locations and ventures while those in shot of time, domestic flights are available to all national parks.

Transportation in Uganda

By Road

By Air

By Water

By Train

To many places that are not too far, you can take a taxi.  Otherwise, there are buses that will take you there for at a reasonable price and at a speed that is often faster than what you might be comfortable with. Buses are also the means of getting to Rwanda, Kenya, and South Sudan.  You can fly, but the price difference is huge. Bus Cautions are; do not take food or drink from other passengers. Keep your valuables with you. Be aware that buses travel at high-speed and contribute to the high rate of accidents in Uganda and elsewhere.

Apart from buses and taxis, good vans and several touring trucks operated by individual tour operators are always available to help travelers reach their destinations. Motorcycle taxis, known as boda-boda can always be used for short distances. Self-drive options are best left for return visitors to the country and more seasoned travelers who are accustomed to driving in a variety of road conditions.

There are domestic Flights that to National parks on a daily basis for example from Entebbe –Kisoro, Entebbe-Kihihi, Entebbe-Kasese/Mweya, Entebbe-Semliki, Entebbe-Kidepo, Entebbe-Pakuba to mention but a few by Aerolink Uganda.

Fly Uganda has daily flights to all National parks of Uganda with rates affordable. It has been the market leaders for private safari charters in Uganda. The entire Fly Uganda fleet is utilized to best serve the requirements on each day, providing the optimum routings for your clients to multiple destinations and transfers between those destinations at more attractive prices. All flights depart Kajjansi at 0800 to the following parks and lodges, picking up in the parks between 0930 and 1030 and arriving in Kajjansi during midday. For example Kajjansi to Bulago Island, Kajjansi to Jinja, Kajjansi to Kayonza, Kihihi, Ishasha, Mweya, Kasese, Semliki, Kajjansi to Kidepo, Kayonza to Jinja, MFNP to Semliki, Kasese to Kayonza MFNP to Kasese, MFNP to Kidepo, MFNP to Kayonza, Kihihi,

Eagle Air has daily charter flights to the following destinations and prices are quoted on request between Kampala and National parks. Queen Elizabeth National Park (Mweya Airstrip), Kidepo Valley National Park (Apoka Airstrip), Murchison Falls National Park (Pakuba Airstrip), Bwindi mIpenetrable National Park (Ishasha Airstrip), Semuliki National Park (Semliki Airstrip), Rwenzori Mountains National Park (Kasese Airstrip) and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park (Kisoro Airstrip).

Additional charter flights can also be arranged with the Air Sery Limited and The Mission Aviation Fellowship. The planes are well-maintained and have excellent Pilots.


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