Kapchorwa district is situated within eastern side of the country on the Uganda-Kenya border and is also surrounded by a number of districts that include Moroto to the north as well as Mbale to the west and south. It is generally characterized by the hilly or mountainous landscapes with the notable one being Mount Elgon whose ranges cover a big part of the district area.

The attractions that make Kapchorwa district an important tourist site within eastern Uganda and the country in general include;

Mount Elgon National Park

Mount Elgon National Park lies within the borders of Uganda and Kenya whereby within the former, it is found within Mbale and Kapchorwa districts. It was established as an International ecological Conservation Area and offers shelter to different vegetation species as well as endangered animals species such as cheetahs and buffaloes that cross the borders of Kenya and Uganda. Other animals you are likely to encounter within the Park include leopards, forest elephants, lions, monkeys as well as small antelopes such as bushbucks. The national Park is also a haven to more than 300 species of birds including the endangered Lammergeier, Bronze-napped pigeons, Tacazze sunbirds, Baglafecht weavers, Cinnamon bee-eaters and African blue flycatcher among others.

Besides the animals and birds, there is a caldera (of 8 kilometers in diameter) at the peak of mount Elgon and features crater lakes, hot springs and the swam gorge with high populations of wildlife species thus creating a spectacular view. Therefore, interesting activities to enjoy here include mountain climbing and biking, sport fishing, nature walks/hiking, rock climbing and cultural encounters among others.

Sipi Falls

Sipi Falls is found at about 15 kilometers from Kapchorwa Town along the Mbale РKapchorwa road, and is made up of 3 breathtaking successive waterfalls. It is undeniably one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country and is found on the foothills of Mount Elgon. The lower falls gush at around 100 meters along the slopes of the Mountain thus making it the most magnificent, and the other one falls at about 69 meters over the gateway of a Cave while the Ngasire falls  surges over 87 meters high ridge.

Exploring the phenomenal waterfalls involves walking through a 7 kilometers-loop trail characterized by steep ascents and descents, fragile catwalks, frail ladders and traversing fertile farmlands as well as muddy trails especially during the rainy season but the experience is rewarding and worthwhile.

Diverse cultures of the people

Kapchorwa is a home to mainly the Sabiny in addition to other tribes such as the Bagishu, Pokot, Nandi and the Kalenjin with different cultures worth exploring when you visit the region. While here, you will enjoy some of the traditional dances of the people, taste some of the local dishes and also learn about the famous yet illegal culture-Female Genital Mutilation (just the history of it and why it was practiced before being abolished). Not only that, the practice of Imbalu (Public male circumcision) among the Bagishu communities will take your breath away.

Although not really within the district, Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve is found on the northern boundary of Kapchorwa district, specifically in Nakapiripit district.


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