There are two types of Rhinos in Uganda that is the Black and White Rhinos. The white rhinos are not surely white and neither are black rhinos really black. History says that the word white is a mis-pronunciation by the early English settlers in South Africa of the Dutch word, ‘wyd’ meaning wide. This rhino was described as ‘wyd’ because its lips were wider in comparison to its smaller cousin, the black rhino which had a prehensile upper lip. The black rhino got its name from being seen with mud on it, which lent it a darker color yet actually both rhinos are grey.

Two Rhinos are found in the Entebbe Zoo and the rest are under the protected area of the Ugandan wildlife Authority that is; the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary being watched all day every day. The sanctuary ensures that the second largest land mammals are protected very well.

Like elephants, Rhinos mourn for the death of their family member. On top of all, Rhinos have poor vision and will sometimes attack trees and rocks by accident. However, their hearing and sense of smell are excellent. Their head is the heaviest part on their body that is why they eat only short grass. Their skin is 3 inches thick. They have a small family known as a ‘crash’. They consume up to 150 kilo per day and drink 60 to 80 liters of water in order to sustain their three tone weight.

Ziwa Rhono Sanctuary is a large sprawling wildlife reserve on the way to Murchison Falls National Park.  Here you can trek Rhinos on foot and get close up for some great photo opportunities as you are accompanied by Rangers who can take you on this unique trek but give you insight into the daily lives of the Rhinos. The Sanctuary is a conservation and Preservation Project with the intent of restocking Murchison Falls National Park with them.


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