Islands in Uganda

  • Ssese Islands
  • Bulago Island
  • Ngamba Island

Islands Within Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is the largest fresh water body in east Africa covering an area of 68,800 square kilometers. Lake Victoria stretches through three east Africa countries, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Lake Victoria is naturally breath taking because of it do many islands that a home to thousands of people and wild life.

In Uganda alone Lake Victoria has a quite number islands and the popular ones include;

Ssese islands is an archipelago of 84 islands situated on the shores of Lake Victoria of which some are large while others are small. The islands are a Centre of attraction and a tourist circuit. The most popular island is Buggala which is a home to different primate species including is the Vervet monkey, often seen in the vicinity of Lutoboka and Kalangala, Black and white colobus and mammals like bush backs. Other attractions include endemic creek rat, endemic butterfly species. The island is also a birders haven, expect to see a variety of birds including the rare shoe bill stock, hornbills, barbets, turacos, robin-chats, flycatchers and weavers from the roads around Kalangala. common birds to spot are the Jewel-like pygmy kingfisher, the brown-throated wattle-eye and a stunning morph of the paradise flycatcher intermediate to the orange and white phases illustrated in most East African field guides. African fish eagles and Palm nut vultures are often seen near the lake, while immense breeding colonies of little egret and great cormorant occur on Lutoboka and other bays.

Ngamba island is part of the koome group of islands and is well known for the rescued chimpanzees by orphanage, bush meats and pets. The island has over 40 chimps in total and the natural environment they are in is enough to ensure they live up to 60 years. The island was founded in 1998 with 95 acres of natural forest where the chimps roam and forage daily. While visiting chimps at Ngamba you can engage in care giving for a day through feeding the orphaned chimps and forest walk with the chimps.

 Samuka island is one of the beautiful and stunning islands for get a ways and picnics on the shores of the Nile river in jinja. The island is situated on 12-acre piece of land of un touched natural sheer beauty.  It is also a bleeding ground for migratory bird species especially long tailed cormorants and little egrets. Much fun to catch up with like boat cruise and sunset viewing at this island.

Buvuma island is a chain of islands which consist more than fifty islands which include Bugaya, Mpungu, Nvunza, Yumbe, Lufu, Buvuma, Mpata, Nyenda, Buziri, Sindiro, among others.  The island is a few kilometers off the northern shores of Lake Victoria south of Nile river in the areas of mukono district. Buvuma island is a potential tourist destination because the island is occupied by birds, caves, crocodiles, natural forests and sand beaches. The tourism potential activities would include biking, nature walks, boat cruises, island camping and birding among others.

Dolwe island is another beautiful island with many small rocky Islands, birds, wild life and tropical rain found within the eastern part of Lake Victoria. This natural island is also a birders destination where you will be able to spot different bird species such as kingfishers, pelicans and the African fish eagles among others. While there, you will be able to learn about the gods of the Island such as Mugozi, Lubanga, Mukasa, kaliisa, Ndaula, Ddungu, Nakayima, Musaayi and many others. Dolwe Island also has shrine-locally known as Byoto (fire) where it is believed the fishermen get powers to control the waters.


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