Tips for a great group sfari in uganda

Taking a group tour is one of the things one should count on for visiting Africa. Group tours tend to bring a lot of enjoyment mostly to the youths such as College students and researchers among others. However, they can sometimes tend to be stressful more so if there was no proper arrangements, planning alongside organization between the group and its leader.

If you are planning to embark on a group tour particularly in Uganda, there are lots of things you can do to make the trip fun and enjoyable for yourself and for your fellow travelers. Here is a great checklist to get you started.

Make an early booking


Booking earlier for a group safari in Uganda not not ensures proper planning for you and fellow travelers, but also gives the tour agent to establish proper arrangements for your trip. You can reach any Tour Agent via the internet and ask for the quote of the safari and how you would like your travel itinerary to be. Early bookings also give a chance for making changes in case you get another member who is interested in joining you or one cancels.

group safari

Try taking a group Safari in Africa, You will never regret.

Tour agents always advise on which places to go, which safari activities to suit you and your group-mates’ likes alongside helping you with making meals, accommodation and transport bookings. They also provide tour guides to make your safari knowledgeable and much flexible. Remember that the more the members, the less cost sharing per person.

Car Hire
group safari van

A Customized safari van

For those that plan not to use travel agents, others would seem simple to do for yourselves but getting a car that you will be using can get a little bit tricky, risky and though can seem to be cheaper at first, some times it becomes expensive. However, this can be simplified by trusting Car Rental Agents.

These offer well planned car hire services to ease your transport needs. You can book for a customized Safari Van for groups between 2 to 9 members at about USD 100 per day or a Luxury Safari Omnibus for groups between 10 to 25 at about USD 120 per day. All these prices come with a driver who at most times doubles as a knowledgeable tour guide but exclude fuel.

Most Car Hire Agents’ vehicles are comprehensively insured against accidents, fire damages and anything that may happen to the car. But the insurance only covers the car so you are always advised to come with your personal travel insurance from your home country.

Now you’ve booked for all what is necessary for a safari, it is time to enjoy. To get your trip super-charming, also consider the following.

Compile your Travel documents in Time

Traveling internationally most times requires a passport. Be sure to make copies of the passport and other important travel documents and keep them in a safe place!

Pack a small handy bag

While your main luggage will go in the designated area of the vehicle you are to use, you should pack a small carry with yourself handy for easy accessories you may need quick access to such as small camera, snacks, books to read, and others.

Don’t’ forget your medicines.

This is essential since the climate of Africa is so much different from that of other continents. Uganda specifically has a number of tropical rain forests and you never know. So don’t forget to carry mosquito repellents and all the necessary medications close to you in the carry on bag you take on the bus.

Take along some great movies

Most sounding travel destinations are reached after hours of driving. So you need to kill the boredom and travel fatigue by carrying some great movies for ‘en route’ entertainment. Luxury tour buses offered by Car Hire Agencies have DVD players. Pick a variety of movies, such as cartoons if you have kids in your group, action movies to keep the teenagers engaged, and perhaps documentaries or family drama’s for the adult crowd.

For other vehicles that do not have DVD Players, it is a sure deal that they have radio systems with USB Slots. Therefore, take along some great music on your USB Flash to keep the group enjoyed and singing. You can spice up your movement to another area with some ‘on the road’ karaoke contest for your group.

Carry camera and the binoculars

Group of friends taking picture with smartphone on a safari trip

Smart phones these days come with good cameras but as a group, you will need a good camera help you capture moments while together. Smartphones pictures are mostly personal and this is why you need a camera that any body can share. Remember that there is a lot to explore in Uganda. A pair of Binoculars will be neccessary if your tour involves outdoor sightseeing.

Pack a small Pillow and blanket

You will not only need a small pillow for sleeping comfort in case you are going to do camping as main accommodation, but also while traveling. There is no doubt that traveling long distances in a well cooled vehicle is an open invitation for a good snooze! This is to nap between the rest stops, and enjoy the slumber. Here, a handy blanket may be necessary since tour buses can get cold some times. Western Uganda where the country’s tourist attractions are concentrated is kinda colder than other parts of the country and it is why you will need one.

Park a Bathing suite/ Swimming Costume.

Most hotels have swimming pools which is a wonderful ‘treat’ for kids and youths to cool off traveling all day heat! So you’ve got to take a dip. Just carry one.

Free Yourself

group travelin africa

After all the above, bring a smile to yourself and others. Smiles are contagious and most of all they are free! You can get yourself a collection of great jokes, riddles, and experiences to share with your fellows. It only takes one joke to get the rest of the group going AND ENJOY THE TRIP.


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