Matheniko Game Reserve also known as a Wildlife Reserve is situated in the conservation area of the Karamoja sub region of northeastern Uganda stretching all the way from kidepo National Park through Bokora and Pian Upe Wildlife Reserves. This Game Reserve appears to be the 5th of the most-threatened wildlife conservation protected areas in Uganda situated in the famous Somali – Masai environment of semi-desert grassland with part of it being shrubland. Its landscape is dominated by Red acacia and the desert date, red spike-thorns, bushwillows and Harrisonia abyssinica. There are also numerous shrubs that are common within this Wildlife Reserve and they include woolly caper bush and the butterfly pea. This Reserve stands at an altitude of 1070 meters/3510 feet to 1830 meters/6000 feet above sea level. The North-eastern boundary of the Matheniko Wildlife Reserve lies in the Uganda-Kenya border.  Having been located within Moroto district, Matheniko Wildlife reserve covers an area of 1520 square kilometers under the management of the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Things to See

This Reserve is a home to exceptional wildlife species that include Antelopes such as the Bright’s gazelle, lesser kudu, roan antelope, Waterbucks, Mountain reedbucks, Ugandan kobs, Blue duikers, Oribis, Bohor reedbucks, Topi, Common duikers and Common elands, Primates such as Olive baboons, Patas monkeys and Vervet monkeys, Carnivores such as the Jackals, Cheetah, Striped hyenas, Servals, Civets, Leopards, Wildcats, Spotted hyenas.

Bird species include the Eastern Bronze-napped Pigeon, the Abyssinian Ground Hornbill, the Mountain Yellow Warbler, Verreaux’s Eagle, the Egyptian Vulture the Thick-billed Honey guide, the Hartlaub’s Turaco, Ethiopian swallow, Pygmy Falcon, the Black-headed plover, the Cattle egret, the Red-billed Oxpecker and the Clapperton’s Francolin among others.

When to Go

The best time to visit the Wildlife reserve is during the dry seasons that is; June to September and December to February reason being most of the murram roads become muddy and slippery during the rainy season. The annual rainfall of the reserve is estimated at 670 millimeters.

In conclusion, Matheniko Wildlife reserve is one of the must visit destinations within Uganda-especially the Karamoja region because it is a home to several unique wildlife species such as the Cheetahs, several antelopes such as Mountain reedbucks, lesser Kudu, the Roan antelopes, Blue duikers, common duikers, reedbucks, Topis, Uganda Kobs and waterbucks among others, Striped hyenas and serval cats.


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