The Kyambura Gorge also referred to as a game reserve is a section of the spectacular Queen Elizabeth National Park located in the far eastern side of the Park. The gorge also known as the ‘Valley of Apes’ is drained by River Kyambura. Kyambura landscape is one of the most extraordinary topographies you will find in Uganda. It is enclosed in a rich wildlife bio-diversity which has a number of primates, wild animals and birds. As soon as you enter into this remarkable Gorge, you will be impressed by the green, rich tropical forest nearby the Equator crossing making it another territory on its own. The Savannah above the gorge has a sensible aggregate of sun shine that provides brightness. The tree cover in the underground jungle comprises of rich chunks of plant life locked out much of the sunrays.

The game reserve is an important water source for various wildlife habituated within the reserve and the other parts of Queen Elizabeth national park. More so, kyambura gorge is a birder’s paradise plus butterflies. Around 332 bird species have been recorded in this Kyambura Wildlife Reserve.

Chimpanzee Trekking is the main safari activity in Kyambura Gorge. Most of the Chimpanzees in the gorge have been habituated meaning they are used and familiar with human beings to the reality that they can freely do their daily activities in the presence of people. Apart from chimps in the gorge, there are other primate species found there like the Red Tailed Monkeys, Black and White Colobus Monkeys, Giant Forest Hogs, Baboons plus other mammals. A few visitors who tend to have chimpanzee tracking on their safari itinerary and then get the chance to visit Kyambura Gorge, simply get amazed as to what they find here. Tracking/trekking the chimps in the Gorge is more physically challenging and therefore is suitable only for reasonably fit people. But it is a real rewarding rainforest experience, and the place is just fantastic.

The place takes 420 kilometres passed via Mbarara from kampala and going through Fort Portal, you will cover a distance of 410 Kilometres. Ugandan Local Charter flights are available from Entebbe International Airport to the Airstrip in southwestern Uganda at Mweya or Kasese, flying for about an hour.

Kyambura Game Reserve was formed to serve as a buffer zone to the Queen Elizabeth National Park. Dry seasons always left much of the park parched, but this beautiful gorge is the much needed oasis for both animals seeking refreshment and for humans, seeking a sight for weary eyes. Water flows from rocks and keeps the gorge green on all time. Rocks that seem to be in various states of tumbling stand out.


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