Driving in Uganda

Driving in Uganda can be very different from driving at home.

We drive on the left-hand side of the road and some of our roads are narrow, and have loose gravel. It’s not unusual to see sheep or cattle on roads in rural areas. Please be vigrant about this and if you hit an animal in a game park you are definitely fined for the loss.

You need to give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination whether it’s a short or long distance to it by understanding Uganda’s road rules and signs.

Even if you have driven in other countries, it’s important to understand our rules for driving in Uganda before you get behind the wheel. We have put together the key things to consider when planning your trip and as you make your journey around the country.

– Driving is on the left hand

Uganda drives on the left side, something that must have been left by the British who were its colonial masters. According to Car From Japan, an online portal, approximately 35 per cent of the world population drives on the left. The countries that follow the left hand drive rule are mostly old British colonies. The portal also adds that it will be a tad shocking for anyone when they visit a country such as England, Bangladesh, or Japan from one of the 75 per cent of the countries that adhere to the right hand drive. According to one study, the incidence of accidents in countries with lower left-hand driving laws is lower than that of the right-hand drive countries.

Owning a car has become a necessity in Uganda there for offensive and defensive driving has to be taken in mind for one to become a good driver around the cities and on the highways. On Ugandan roads, one is expected to drive on the left side hence most of the cars & trucks are Right Hand Drives (RHD). However, some Left Hand Drive cars can be found around Uganda. Take note of the markings which are painted on the bumpers or mirrors with the initials (LHD).

It takes practice and concentration to overcome the previously learned habit of driving on the opposite side. If you have never driven from Uganda, which uses a left hand traffic system, to Rwanda, which uses a right hand system, you might not appreciate how tricky (and dangerous) it can be to make the adjustment.

– Speed Limits

Uganda roads are fair and run from capital city connecting one district to the other as well neighboring countries. On some roads, construction works are going on and the speed limits put in place must be observed. Recommended speed limit is 50km per hour in towns and trading centers and 80km per hour on highways.

Maximum Speed Limit in Urban Areas, Trading Centres and other Built-up Areas is as following depending on the type of vehicle.

Motorcars constructed to carry passengers and motor-cycles 50km

Public Service vehicles and private or minibuses with seating accommodation for more than seven passengers exclusive of the driver 50km

Motorcars and dual-purpose vehicles that are drawing trailers 50 km

Light goods vehicles 50km

Medium goods vehicles 50 km

Heavy goods vehicles 50km

Tractors 40km

Tractors when drawing trailers 30km

Engineering plant 30km


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