Are you looking for the best place for a wildlife safari in Uganda? Murchison falls National Park is located in the northern end of Albertine rift and is shared among districts of Masindi, Kiryandongo, Nwoya and Buliisa. It is Uganda’s largest and oldest conservation area having been gazetted as a game reserve in 1926 and then upgraded to a national park in 1952.

The park hosts about 76 mammal species and around 451 bird species among others. It also bisected by the great river Nile into two parts; the northern part that comprise of the thrilling waterfalls and the southern banks which form the delta. The park’s centerpiece is none-the-less the magnificent Murchison falls, formerly known as Kabalega falls, from where the park gets its name.

A visit to this famous park surely won’t be of any regret to you especially given the fact that the journey is always interesting right from the word go. Driving through the city centre to the country side past scenic views all the way. This means that you will have stop over’s along the way to Murchison falls national park, including a branch off to Ziwa rhino sanctuary. This is the only place in the whole of Uganda where one can spot rhinos in the wild.

Accessing the park itself is an experience on a ferry that connects south to the northern bank.  While a game drive reveals to you what your eyes have been longing to see, such as buffaloes, leopards, elephants, and the king of the jungle-lion, but the Victoria Nile boat cruise reveals the unexpected, including Nile Crocodiles, schools of Hippos and a myriad of bird life scattered along the banks.

A game drive in Murchison falls national park avails great population of savannah dwellers including, antelopes, water backs, large herds of Buffaloes, Elephants, warthogs, Jackson’s heart beasts, Uganda kobs, the endangered Rothschild’s giraffe among others.

Alternatively you can do a nocturnal game drive if you want to see the life of animals at night especially the predators with the use of spotlights.

Options are endless because Murchison falls national park is the second park in Uganda where you can do a hot air balloon safari as you watch the scenery of the park from above; you have up to 90 degrees views while gliding over the park.

Murchison falls is also one of the top birding destinations in Uganda. Your visit won’t be boring because with over 451 bird species  recorded,  you are sure to enjoy the kings of the sky like the shoe bill stork, largest heron in the world-goliath heron,  Abyssinian ground horn bill, Uganda’s national bird –grey crested crane, to name a few.

A visit to the Murchison falls national park presents a stunning boat cruise to the bottom of Murchison falls. The highest concentration of crocodiles with their mouth wide open in the sun as well other animals coming to drink water like buffaloes, hippos and numerous water birds can never leave your side on the Victoria Nile.

A boat cruise to the falls is always succeeded by an adventurous hike towards the top of the world’s most powerful waterfall that forces its big volumes of water through an 8 meter narrow gorge. The sound of the falls, the ground shaking and the mist created by the falls is such an amazing experience not to be missed.

Murchison falls national park is a center for culture and community encounters. Communities such as Boomu women’s group have specialized in cultural tours around Murchison falls Game Park. Visitors interested in the authentic African practices and traditions can have community walks, participate in one activity or two, such as how dyes are made from plants, processing colorful cloth fabric, making traditional baskets and cultural performances.

This wild life paradise never seems to run out of attractions because Rabongo forest is home to the chimps and other forest species, such as primates, forest mammals, butterflies and abundant bird life.  The outstanding Murchison falls National Park awaits to make your visit in the pearl of Africa truly a memorable one.


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