African Jungle Adventures, a Ugandan based tour operator has added educational tours to their portifolios of tours offered in East Africa. The company has introduced educational trips for students interested in Africa’s Geography, wildlife, research and so on. We do organize tailor made students trips putting into consideration the budget of the students to ensure that they obtain the aims and objectives of the trip. Our team has a strong back ground in areas of academia and research after several years of conducting and supervising university students in Uganda and Rwanda. We have so far organized educational tours for tourism students on research/ field work/ excursions.

The Geography of Uganda

Uganda is gifted with geographical features worth studied by students to enhance their knowledge in as far as global geography knowledge is concerned. The different vegetation types in Uganda include Tropical rain forests, savanna vegetation, swamp vegetation and so on.

Relief features include Mountains like Rwenzori, Mt. Elgon and so on. Hills like Kigezi hills among others. Valleys include the western great rift valley to mention but a few.

Drainage features include Lakes, Rivers, and Swamps and so on.

Field courses (Field excursions & Field work)

Field courses often contain both excursions and fieldwork. More extensive field courses sometimes also include other field activities, such as lectures, study visits and presentations. Field courses are often 5 to 10 days, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter. Travel to field course areas within Sweden is usually made by coach or train and to destinations abroad by coach or air.

Fieldwork usually means collect material for a report or a thesis on your own or in group. Before on site fieldwork in the study area preparation is done through literature search and study, time management, query formulation, methodology and technology considerations, map studies, questionnaire design, booking interviews and more. Analysis of the material collected begins in the fieldwork area and is completed back at the University.

Field course fieldwork provides opportunity for tutoring in the study area during the field period. Many students also conduct more independent fieldwork within the framework of theses projects for bachelors and masters degrees. For those who want to carry out field studies in a developing country, the Department has special funds from Sida (the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) for so-called Minor Field Studies (MFS).


These are short study tours, excursions; a teacher selects students into groups and given a specific topic to discuss about. The selected topics from historical landscape, geography in the Province of Uplands or urban planning in the Cities or towns.

Excursions primarily occur at the more basic courses. In some courses excursions are prepared by student teams; during the field day the students presenting a place or a space for the group. Excursions are typically by foot and coach.

Great Lakes region and Rivers

Uganda is endowed with many lakes and Rivers in East Africa. Lakes in Uganda include Lake Victoria (the largest in East Africa), Lake Kyoga, Lake Wamala, Lake Bunyonyi, Lake Mutanda, Lake Gorge, Lake Albert, and Lake Edward and so on. Rivers include River sipi, River manafwa, River Kafu, River katonga and River Nile among other.

For more information check out their website


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