Uganda is located along the Equator and this is the reason why a temperate climate is experienced all year around. This climate makes the country’s tourism a success throughout the year despite the presence of some rainy seasons. Although at times climate changes, the wet months are March to May and September to November. However, many visitors prefer visiting the country during the dry seasons because of the softness to access the national parks. The country mainly experiences two dry seasons that is; December to February and June to August and it’s during these months that some activities like gorilla tracking, chimp tracking and game viewing are at their peak.

Uganda as a country has a tropical climate with temperatures ranging from 21-25°C (70- 77°F). Apart from in the mountainous areas that are much cooler, the top of Mountain Rwenzori is often covered with snow. Evenings can feel chilly after the heat of the day with temperatures around 12- 16ºC (54-61°F). Most regions of Uganda apart from the dry areas in the north east, have an annual rainfall of between 1,000mm and 2,000mm. There is heavy rain between March and May and between October and November, when road travel can become difficult in some parts especially up country remote areas. Wildlife viewing is best at the end of the dry seasons, when game is more concentrated around water sources.

Uganda has the gift of Holiday weather year around, The Weather and Climate in Uganda is near perfect.  There are two reasons, one is its location on the equator and the other one its elevation.  Both of these together give Uganda the gift of  a perfect weather and for those coming on holiday on a Wildlife Safari or simply a cultural visit to Uganda receive the added gift of the weather.

The Weather and Climate in Uganda make it one of the best year – around Holiday Destinations as temperatures range in various towns of Uganda. As you can see that for the most part the temperature are rather pleasant and holiday like weather in Uganda, though the equator runs through it, because of its elevation the temperatures are enjoyable.  You can relax along one of the pools of a lodge or tented camp and simply relax in the sun on one of the beaches of Lake Victoria. Use sunscreen to protect your skin and re-apply regularly.


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