The Ugandan shilling (USh) is a relatively stable currency that floats freely on international markets. However most tour operators and upscale hotels quote in US dollars but you can pay with shillings.

ATMs are abundant and US dollars are widely accepted.

There are several big banks in Uganda like

Barclays Bank

Stanbic Bank

Centenary Bank

Standard Chartered Bank

Diamond Trust

Most of these banks have a few have ATMs that accept international cards. At least in every town big or small has one of these banks thus people can enjoy by using them.

Notes in circulation are USh1000, USh5000, USh10,000, USh20,000 and USh50,000, and commonly used coins are USh50, USh100, USh200, USh500 and USh1000

If you are using dollars, try to avoid bills printed before 2003, as often they’re not accepted (due to a higher risk of them being counterfeit notes). If exchanging dollars, small denominations always get a much lower rate than US$50 and US$100 notes therefore ask for larger notes when you collect your money.

The best exchange rates are offered in Kampala. Foreign exchange bureaus offer slightly better rates than banks including much faster service and longer hours; but they are so rare outside Kampala. For tourists, the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) offers fair exchange rates for park fees and accepts Dollars, Pounds and Euros and either cash or travelers’ cheques.

While at the Airport, there are no banks, ATMs or foreign exchange bureaus before immigration but if you are in a pinch, an officer will hold your passport while you go get money from the ATM just beyond airport customs.Top of Form


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